Tuesday, March 23, 2010

3 tips to help you earn money blogging

There are several elements which fall into play in order for you to really earn money blogging at a level that can be considered reasonable and worth the efforts that you put into it.   But first you must have targeted visitors, and to attain targeted visitors your site has to be somewhere on the first page of the search engines where people will find it.  Which begs the question: Does anyone EVER really look past the second page of the SERPS? (unless doing research, of course)  Anyhow...

It is relevant to keep in mind there are literally hundreds of thousands of other blogs and websites out there that you will be competing with in a placement in the search engines, so pay very close attention to the following elements which are crucial in attaining decent placement in the search engines where your site will be found and "clickers" will visit your site so you can earn money!

These 3 most crucial elements are:
  • Website Development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO); and
  • Internet Marketing

Before addressing these elements it is essential to note that the purpose of applying these elements to you blog design and development is primarily for the purpose of getting your blog categorized, indexed and listed where it will be found in the SERPS.  These techniques have nothing to do with your actual earnings or your earning methods. If your blog doesn't show up in the search engines there will be no visitors, and consequently no money...

Website Development

I'm not going to elaborate too much on the technicalities of web development, so in a nut shell here are the most important components of web development which should be incorporated into your blog to aid in its effectiveness in the search engines.
Whatever your niche is it is imperative that your "keyword" for your niche be included in three (3) locations of your blog.

  1. The blog "title"
  2. The blog "URL"; and
  3. The blog "description

This is one component that many people fail to recognize and apply to their blog. I'm telling you through experience, however, that these 3 elements are indispensable if your expecting to have any positive results! Further, it is an integral part of the success that I have achieved in creating and successfully marketing numerous blogs and it really is a simple element to implement into your blog too.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or "SEO" is a term that has become very popular across the internet in recent years. Many people try to exploit this essential component of website development by preying on individuals who have little or no knowledge of SEO and trying (with success) to sell them expensive packages or books which promise to "guarantee" your website or blog first page placement in the search engines.
Let me just make my position very clear. I am NOT trying to sell you some magic potion SEO package, nor would I EVER risk my character by stating that I can guarantee certain results in the search engines because that is impossible!  Anyone who makes this claim is a LIAR! However, I am simply sharing that which was freely given to me -- nothing more, nothing less...
What I can honestly state is that the best known technique of employing effective SEO that usually achieves positive results in the search engines for your blog is through the utilization of backlinks that are directed to your blog for its niche keyword. I am not going to get into some long technical analogy on the art of SEO because the topic is so widely published and there already exists enough good sources upon which I simply can direct you. Allyn Hane exhaustively articulates Everything You Need to Know About Backlinks in an excellent video tutorial that I highly recommend. Just Visit the links for specific details and facts on how backlinks work, and the most effective and safe methods of gaining and employing them.

Internet Marketing

Simply stated, Internet Marketing is the marketing of products or services via the internet. This can be accomplished through a litany of sources which include articles, social media, videos, and paid advertising.
Probably some of the most popular sources of internet marketing is through the use of social sites such as MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter. These social venues expose your blog to endless numbers of people, in your community, and their friends, and their friends, etc.  Moreover, social sites simultaneously provide your blog with a backlink of good quality as well. 
Likewise, the use of articles is a very valuable internet marketing tool with endless possibilities. By writing some original, creative content in an article that has some interest and value that people like, including backlinks to your blog and other valuable resources, the article can quickly become a hot topic, thereby marketing your product or services even more.
In the context of businesses these two resources can become even more effective when coupled with business listings and geographical applications such as maps. Any business that is not on the map will likely not become successful any time soon, and maps such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN are awesome resources for both web marketing and backlinks.

Once you get your site developed, optimized, and indexed well in the search engines, its time to turn the internet marketing engine on and get on your way to earn money blogging!

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