Tuesday, October 27, 2009

SEO Semantics - Don't Be Fooled!

When you first start out on your quest to earn money blogging, there are two very critical things that you must stay focused on:
  • Ranking In The Search Engines
  • Targeting Your Market Niche
Ranking In The Search Engines

If you want get targeted visitors to your site there is only one way to accomplish this; and that is by getting your site in front of viewers!  And the only way to accomplish that is to rank well in the search engines.  Granted, depending upon your marketing niche this may be complicated because of the competition.  But is it impossible?  NO!  It just takes some work and effort on your part.  The funny thing is that a lot of people want to earn money without having to do a lot of work.  Call it being lazy, or simply expecting things to happen with minimal effort.  Let me cut right to the chase.  If you fall into either of these two categories, don't expect to earn money blogging or with any online money earning venture because its simply not going to happen!
Now you may be squirming in your chair as you read this; saying to yourself, well, I saw this advertisement for this affordable SEO marketing program which guarantees that my site will get thousands of targeted visitors, so why invest so much time and effort if I can do it the easy way by simply buying this program?  Let me ask you this.  Have you ever gained anything worthwhile in life without having to put forth effort?  Are you willing to squander away hundreds of dollars for some program that probably will not work?  Because if it doesn't work your right back to square-one with your blog, and you've lost your money for some bogus program!  Let me assure you that 99% of the programs are nothing but SEO Semantics.  They try and convince you that there are all these complicated technicalities which entail a lot of work which you are probably not qualified enough to perform.  WRONG!  Let me assure you that its NOT complicated at all!  But you have to be willing to invest some time to learn and apply one simple and FREE method to do this.  That is what I did, and I learned it all for FREE from my dear friend Griz.  I applied what he teaches for free, and everyone of my sites rank on page one of the search engines.  So if you want to earn money blogging, do yourself a big favor and learn from him like I did.  See for yourself Why the SEO and Social Media Industry will Hurt You.  Don't be a fool and waste you money buying some SEO program.  Browse around his site and lap up the infinite knowledge that he provides for FREE!  You won't be disappointed.

Targeting Your Market Niche

Trying to keep track of all the niche research tools out there is pretty much next to impossible. WordTracker, AdWords, SpyFu, SEO Elite, ...  So let’s just put that on the back burner for a minute and focus your attention on one simple question. Which of these situations do you think would be easiest to sell?
  • Website Advice to a 55 Year Old Woman
  • Health Food to a 25 Year Old Man
  • A New Car to a Young Married Couple
  • A Glass of Water to a Man Lost in the Desert
You might think that the first three scenarios are pretty equal. Those people could all be in the market for those items – the sale isn’t impossible, and its a relatively easy market to contend in.  But look at number four – the poor man dying of thirst in the middle of the desert. Now that’s a good market niche. You could charge that man anything you wanted if you ran across him in the desert and he would pay it because above and beyond anything else he NEEDS water.
If someone needs website advice, they can probably find it for free in a half dozen places. If someone needs health food they can buy it just about anywhere. And if someone needs a new car they can afford to wait for a while, because they can drive their clunker around until it finally breaks.  However, if someone NEEDS water
and they’re lost in the desert, their options are limited.
This is the exact mentality you’re trying to pinpoint and nail down. You need an audience that is dying of thirst, and you should be the one to have all the water. You want them breaking down doors to find you and to demand you sell them that water.
This is the key to Internet marketing success.

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